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Many people have learned the hard way that drilling a water well is not a straightforward or intuitive undertaking. The Art of Water Wells provides the reader with valuable, practical information that will help smooth any bumps in the road leading to the successful installation of a water supply well. 

The Art of Water Wells provides a comprehensive overview of water wells—site selection, design, drilling methods, construction inspection, and economics. Although rich with technical information, it is written with the nontechnical reader in mind and is intended to serve as a useful resource for all well designers, including drillers, hydrogeologists, engineers, water managers and administrators, and anyone else who may need a groundwater well. 

The Art of Water Wells is generously illustrated with drawings, photos, tables, and appendices to aid comprehension, and it includes a poster-size water well installation flow chart that visually clarifies the complex sequence of all possible steps involved in the siting, design, and installation of a water supply well.